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Providing cost-conscious options that are simple, safe, secure.

Our Products

Currently our products include the Medical Tube Securing line and Ventilator Anti-Disconnect Device. These unique products are used in Anesthesia, Respiratory Therapy, ICU, Emergency, Trauma, and Surgery, as well as EMS & Rescue and Home Health Care.

Our Objective

Our objective is to provide the health-care end-users, both Provider and Patient, with the most cost-effective, comfortable products that are simple and safe.

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Tube Securing Devices

Tube Securing Devices

Our state of the art tube securing technology helps to ensure proper medical treatment with various tube apparatuses.

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Made in the USA Latex Free


Tube Securing Devices

Designed by nurses to ensure the safety of the patient, the Circuit Secure prevents disconnection of the vent tubing.
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